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What is a Dance Quasar?

A Dance Quasar is an event where there is loud and bassy music scintilating and pulsing lights that play in perfect rythym to the beat of the music.

In fact we wrote the software and configure 'sequences' that are designed to control the lights in time with the music.

We have a 850 watt PA with two Beheringer 3d FX2000 sound effect Virtualisers. As well as the lights the result is a good feel and experiance.

We have a ten by five metre marquee and a generator that is capable of providing the power for at the most seven or eight hours.



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This is the start of my music page. There is still a lot of work to be done, and new songs from other bands that Fred and I have recorded.

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We can be contacted by email via "info at astro-arts.co.uk"

Mobile 07932 635 468