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Us and you

I cannot understand the very similar resemblence of someone with myself when we are not in fact related in any way at all.

Nevertheless there are other similarities, our humour is dark, wicked, cruel and deadly yet no one seems to notice. All you notice is your side of this story.

When I say your story you have all in your own stupid puny heads, the story of Damien and Izabell when we do not identify with these characters. Your story is obbsessed with the Omen of which I have said too much already.

Imagine the tastiest cookie in the world, so tasty they would make Hobnobs taste like sand, digestives like rubble.

The overwelming 'morish' taste might undermine the horror that follows, enough to make you forget and get the graving for another cookie.

What would follow you might be wondering. The feel of a Gecko crawling down your throat tract and into the walls of your belly.

Don't worry, once you have eaten your cookie you will feel as right as rain, you will say I don't believe in this fate crap, I'm in control of my life.

It is such a nice feeling.



The day of the Jeckel

no-one knows better
no-one knows more
we stand amazed
you look to heavens door

water floods the sinks
kettles boil the water
coffee jars come out
lambs go to slaughter

butter mountains rot
public interest lost
no-one sees the cost

oil is running out
does not seem to matter
last reserves deepen
leave the most as latter

coin in the interest
send out the word
if you want your petrol
join the herd

leave us behind
your untold legacy
your past, your trail
your backward led history

forget the relevance
of the Jeckel day
after all, the relevance
is the Jeckel day

it means nothing at all
a simple world astray
mixed in opinions
asleep throughout the day

when you wake from slumber
out of your cots and hay
nothing will make sense
you have nothing left to say

the way that you have led
yourselves into a pit
you never fell into
can you get out of it

the answer is simply no
what can you do
seven doors through hell
waiting for you

it will not start with a spike
but a badness in your heart
a feeling that will last
as you and we part

goodbye then is the word
finally the truth is told
you will live the simple life
you seek in your pot of gold



Like the name suggests, it is meant to be said and heard in jest.

As the years have gone and go by, all you will hear from him is lie after lie.

Because each lie is meant to hide the last, it becomes buried deep in the past.

Hitting the curtain where nothing was before, a ripple is felt around the shore.

Below the sea there is nothing alive or mortal sinners who again must rise.

The tide is climbing leaving less air to breath, the laws of reality become naught but a wreath.

Time to say goodbye to the city lights, put your blinkers on and accept your plight.

All it is is boredom and will take a very long time.

Seven doors to pass through as we separate your mind.

Everything you will not know will be contained in a vial.

The greatest source of knowledge that is taken from a smile.

Socrates may have paved the way for you gays, now it has to be undone.

Forget your silly games of love and war no one has won.


The seven vials of the seven sins

deep in heaven there lies a vault
hidden within is every ones fault
lies and accusations made by all
enough to make the universe fall

each vial filled entirely with sin
what you've done, where you've been
every story and heavenly pair
embarrassing liaisons and affairs

pieces of paper locked in a safe
forged certificates to pass the grade
masks that hide you from the sun
rewards taken from a patented gun

the list is endless who can say
where in the castle the vials lay
but there is certainly no doubt
the antichrist will hear you shout
at the mere mention of the name
seven vials topped with your shame

one long day in the distant future
each vial will rest on a shelf
a crack in the palace of heaven
starts an avalanche

the war in heaven begins
Lucifer starts his descent
the universe shaped as a coffin
the beast begins his ascent

as the coffin starts to form
everyone inside nice and warm
silk worms weave the lining
the ivy, the bramble hiding

the great trees close the seal
nothing outside to reveal
bang on midnight Saturday night
the coffin is ready for a fright

The Ents awake and break free
Shake the coffin like a menagerie
Open gaps for spiders and snakes
you least expect it and your bones ache

no place to hide, no lies to believe
no-where safe and no-where to leave
in the darkness you cannot be seen
and no comfort to help you sleep

usual time, same place each week
or silly games of hide and seek
a thousand stories or just one
is there pain so others have fun

All this a prophecy of whats to come
not in your lifetime or anything begun
Not until you pay for your sin
Abandon hope, this is the final hymn


The age of the anti-climax

the Emperors web collapses
Ming's burning skies darken out
a point of singularity approaches
spider comes out of the spout

the advent of the Antichrist
purges the fury of the sun
a final handover approaches
the last of the 666 to come

you alien freaks from outer space
senses broken and flawed
shed your skin, embrace the sun
blindly walk into doors

forget the times of fairies and ghosts
something you will never believe
cease your endless persecution
of the ones who cannot be

1959 when I am born
empty promises and idle threats
based on nothing else but lies
and your silly CD sets

lyrics that never make sense
same theme recycled over again
if where I am is where you are
a simple rule spells it out by far

every night I go to sleep
in my head the endless beat
hold a blanket close to me
from the landing, I watch the street

your gonna ring my number
your coming up my door
your gonna bash it down
piss all over the floor

but that is just a joke
the door is a prop
now that you are reading this
lots of things have stopped

sinning has got the better of you
you have made very bad mistakes
too much lechery
has turned you into snakes

will another curve appear
maybe one has already peaked
standard distribution
dropping very steep

the bell of bells
will take it's toll
no doubt the shock
will start to poll

silly words you say
they do make sense
they rhyme within context
another verse follows hence

the lesson to learn
no doubt makes no sense to you
without the meaning
you haven't a clue

every soul colluded
hands swapped within hands
Coptic legends included
remembered by your bands

if parts of you belong to others
and parts of others belong to you
the serious question follows
how are you stuck together, glue?

another question follows
who is moving your hands?
is it something about your music?
coordinated by your bands

now we talk of your lyrics
written for the sake of rhyme
words that have no meaning
only conveyed in mime

the image of your message
is projected ahead in time
a seven year threshold
changes the worlds mind

all worlds in the universe
seek the well that climbs
silly demo conferences
hiding all the signs

the devil turns the table
whenever a point is made
the truth always eludes him
who does he really blame

consequently he forgets
he never wants to know
only to follow the reason
to duck the inevitable blow

what is the big deal
in rolling around in bed
sodomy and laziness
only makes you dead

Andrew David Sprott [the genuine]

Deep down below your nave

Deep down below your nave
The Jeckels grin lurks in a cave
Carved in marble on your grave
All of this a product of your brain

Your contribution to existence
The outcome of what you will be
A silly role you play
In a tale of lobotomy

Games of stupendous logic
Your not scared of anything
Again you are so very clever
You are scared of everything

A final sheet lies in between
Both sides of the mirror
Simple reactions contradict
The air around starts to quiver

The reflection on the other side
Now a question of faith
Can you trust your senses
Do you wait until you may

Is someone ruling your life
Do you have any control
Maybe this is the way it is
Probably becoming droll

The world can only get so boring
Until it starts to bore itself
Everything is known about everything
Then it starts to smell

That final wiff of fresh air
Brings the stifling feeling
Lots of things to wish for
Commodities with no meaning

One track mind falls off the rails
No simple solutions
Effort becomes a chore
So does revolution

There is one thing you may not know
The Jeckel is conjoined bone to bone
One simple look from left to right
Will swing the worlds focus out of sight

Be careful then when you wish harm
Not even at the distance of your arm
Always note when you resign
Out of sight is out of mind


My DOS software

PcWord was primarily designed by me for my own use as a programmers text editor. It doesn't have any kind of elaborite scripting language but a simple macro system so that text can be processed more convieniantly.

As far as writing source code, the hypertext function is very useful. Rather than searching your code for variable names etc., your code can be linked just like HTML. PcWord is teeming with features and what is more, it was probably the first word processor of it's pedigree that was made freeware.

PcKey, a simple - but effective - typing tutor. The tutorials are made up of scripts, much like DOS batch files, that 'instruct' PcKey. Such as writing messages, positioning the virtual keyboard, highlighting keys on the virtual keyboard, and doing tests. This means you can add to, or customise the standard lessons. A full tutorial is supplied. There is also a simple editor that allows you to do freehand typing, with the virtual keyboard displayed highlited.

Chart, a multilevel flowchart authoring program. The idea is you organise your flowcharts like a tree. You can have a simple chart at the top level that describes the chart at it's basic level - enough to describe the charts function. Each box in the top level can then be broken down with it's own sub-chart and so on. When a sub-chart exits, it will naturally follow the path of it's parent box. Even though this program - under 13KB - works with less than 512KB of RAM it can cram in about 9000 boxes in a single chart with ample space for each box text description.

The funny thing about these three programs were that they had managed to make their way onto the internet before I did. I was very proud of Chart to end up in a list of 100 best programs for research and development, PcKey in a list of typing tutors and RSort in a list of sorting programs. Well done guys.

Download the software

You can download my software by clicking here. The package comes in a zip file which most of you are used to by now. Windows can unpack the file into a folder, I recommend a folder on the c: drive say c:\talisoft.

Before you can install any of my programs you have to make sure that PkUnzip.EXE is in the command path. At the moment it is in the directory you unpacked the archive. You can add the folder c:\talisoft to the path by bringing up the system properties by right clicking on 'my computer' and click 'properties'. When the dialog appears click on the 'advanced' tab and click on the Environment button. In the system variables list you will find a line that starts with 'path=', if you find it, click on it, then click the edit button. At the end of the second edit box append the text ;c:\talisoft . Click OK, OK, and OK so that the system properties box is finished.

Once unpacked bring up a DOS command prompt from the start menu in accessories and type c: followed by the enter key and cd c:\talisoft followed by enter, then INSTALL followed by enter and follow the on screen instructions.


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